Wandering Ewe Dairy is located at Failand Hill Farm in North Somerset, and is run by Hugh and Pippa Stables. We produce an award-winning, hard, unpasteurised, ewes' milk cheese from our own flock of sheep. In 2021 we won a silver award at the Virtual Cheese Awards and two silver medals at the Artisan Cheese Awards. 


Our cheese is hand made on-farm in Failand, using traditional methods. We make cheese every second day for the duration of the milking season. We mature the cheese on the farm (between 10 & 14°C) and typically start selling it at 9 months of age.  


Our flock of around 100 dairy ewes grazes the fields of Failand and Flax Bourton all year - surprising walkers with their friendliness. To ensure the milk for our cheese is the highest quality the dairy flock spends the whole milking season on pasture consuming grasses, legumes, leaves and herbs. They are milked in the field, between May and September.

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